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Welcome to the Las Violetas community web!

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Photos from re-tiling of R3 pool

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As many of the R3 owners know, the R3 pool was re-tiled earlier in March.

Rowena has provided some photos from the re-tiling, go to the gallery if you want to have a look!

(note you have to login with a different username & password - details are on the page linked above)

Still "page not found" problems

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There are still problems with the web site returning "Page not found" now and then. This happens when the site takes too long to display a page, and is most likely due to other sites being served by the same server we're on at the web hotel. There has not been any change to this site which could explain this behaviour.

I will talk to the web hotel shortly, to find out what they can do.

Improved photo gallery!

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The photo gallery on the site has just been improved!

  • Supports upload of many photos in one go!
  • Supports full screen slideshow view!
  • You can now create albums yourself, and albums within albums if needed!

Use the Gallery link in the menu and try it out! Note that you need a separate login - see info on the page on the Gallery link.

Why separate login?
The new gallery solution is based on a separate software package (Gallery 3). This is good because it has much better functionality than the old solution. But it also means it is "outside" the rest of the site, so the layout/colours and login are separate.

BBQ photos added

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Photos from the BBQ in June are now added to the site - see the gallery.

Thanks to Finn Bachmann and Jim McKinney for providing the photos Smile

New common forum: Insurance

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From time to time, insurance matters are discussed in the general forum. From now on, these can be discussed in a separate forum called "Common: Insurance".

To new users: Everyone has access to the "Common forums", and in addition community specific forums such as "R1B forums". They are all reachable under the Forums menu item.

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Simen, no 191
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