New common forum: Insurance

From time to time, insurance matters are discussed in the general forum. From now on, these can be discussed in a separate forum called "Common: Insurance".

To new users: Everyone has access to the "Common forums", and in addition community specific forums such as "R1B forums". They are all reachable under the Forums menu item.

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Simen, no 191
site admin



Hi Simen,

I know that there have recently been some post about insurance which I hadn't read. I have just looked in Commmon forums for the new "insurance" forum, but have been unable to see it in the list. Can you please check that it is visible to R4 users? Or perhaps it IS there but "I can't see the wood for the trees" :)


Jill 319


Hi Jill,

Thank you for telling me!! Wow, I had actually forgotten to open the new forum for embarrasing :shy:

Anyway, now it's fixed. Here is a direct link to the new insurance forum! Please inform me if it doesn't work as expected.

Best regards



That's perfect, I can access the forum now.

many thanks


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My daughter needs to rent a Villa or apartment from the 26th of July to the 2nd of August.

Thanks in advance.

Joe and Les 174 R3