Las Violetas Hotspot Wi-Fi

PLEASE NOTE: Since February 2013, the community Wi-Fi has been out of service. Please see this post for more information. The below information is kept here for reference only.

The Wi-Fi signal provided by the community is called "Las Violetas-Hotspot". There are three Access Points (antennas) on R3 located at 208, 233 and 172.


With a reasonable strength signal, you should be able to connect. Then point your browser to any site, this should bring you to the "Las Violetas Hotspot".

Terms of use - acceptance required on registration

A while ago, terms of use ("site rules") were set up. However there is a need for all new and existing users to actually accept these rules, otherwise it can be argued that a user is not bound by them.

To ensure that all users are bound by the terms of use, the following is in effect as of May 24, 2010:

Site engine updated

The site engine has been updated with the latest security update. Running version is now Drupal 6.16.

Site successfully moved to new hosting company

The site has been successfully moved to a new hosting company. Everything should work as before, if not please make a comment to notify me!

For more information about the move, see this forum topic in the Web site forum.

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R3 Communal pool area

Hi All,

At the recent AGM, several proposals for the pool and area around the pool were discussed and voted on.

All of the proposals that received a majority yes vote will go ahead as planned but since the meeting several people have suggested slight alterations to the proposals.

We have had a meeting with Javier our administrator to discuss the following points.

These are as follows:

Ten Pin Bowling Night

For details, see this post.

Golf Tournament

For details, see this post.

R4 Annual General Meeting

Time and place to be advised.

Hog roast 2009

Time: About 6.30pm on Monday 7th September (after the R3 AGM)

Place: On the lawns between the car parks in R3

Price: €7.50 per person

For details, see this forum post. Also please use the forum post for any questions regarding the hog roast.

Sign up using the link below!

R3 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting, R3.

Time: Monday 7 Sept 16:00
Place: Upstairs room at the Villa Martin Golf club


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