Planned shutdown of this site

Dear all,

When this site was first set up in 2007, it was quite modern and the forum pages was a relatively active part of the site.

In the beginning, it was a small and simple site for R3 only.

With time, more functionality was added and eventually the other Rs were also included.

Since then, the world has moved on to mobile devices like smart phones. The system on which this site is built is just not keeping up anymore. Upgrading it to be completely up-to-date is a complex, manual and very time consuming task.

Welcome to the Las Violetas community web!

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Photos from palm cutting

Michael Aylett has provided some photos of palm trees before and after cutting. Head to Gallery to have a look - direct link:

Number of Plumber

 Hi Guy's as promised here is the number of the plumber willing to change the joints underneath the properties

D M F Plumbing (Dave) 965071220  -  666907456



Property representation on site

This page shows which properties are represented on this web site, by community. This is different from the user lists, because each property could have several users.

Fixed access problem for long term renters

It seems web site users with the role "long term renters" have not seen forum topics and comments for some time. This should now be fixed!

Best regards
Simen, site admin

Photos from re-tiling of R3 pool

As many of the R3 owners know, the R3 pool was re-tiled earlier in March.

Rowena has provided some photos from the re-tiling, go to the gallery if you want to have a look!

(note you have to login with a different username & password - details are on the page linked above)


Hi All, on Saturday 29th Nov, at 10am, anyone who would like to join in, we are going to have a tidy up of the area to the left of the steps near the park at the end of R4. Feel free to come along bring a broom, shears, cutters and we will try to make this area a little more pleasant to look at as you drive down the road.

Rowena & John 202

Still "page not found" problems

There are still problems with the web site returning "Page not found" now and then. This happens when the site takes too long to display a page, and is most likely due to other sites being served by the same server we're on at the web hotel. There has not been any change to this site which could explain this behaviour.

I will talk to the web hotel shortly, to find out what they can do.

Improved photo gallery!

The photo gallery on the site has just been improved!

  • Supports upload of many photos in one go!
  • Supports full screen slideshow view!
  • You can now create albums yourself, and albums within albums if needed!

Use the Gallery link in the menu and try it out! Note that you need a separate login - see info on the page on the Gallery link.

Why separate login?
The new gallery solution is based on a separate software package (Gallery 3). This is good because it has much better functionality than the old solution. But it also means it is "outside" the rest of the site, so the layout/colours and login are separate.


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