Improved photo gallery!

The photo gallery on the site has just been improved!

  • Supports upload of many photos in one go!
  • Supports full screen slideshow view!
  • You can now create albums yourself, and albums within albums if needed!

Use the Gallery link in the menu and try it out! Note that you need a separate login - see info on the page on the Gallery link.

Why separate login?
The new gallery solution is based on a separate software package (Gallery 3). This is good because it has much better functionality than the old solution. But it also means it is "outside" the rest of the site, so the layout/colours and login are separate.

Who can upload photos and create albums?
All site users will be logged into the gallery solution as 'owner' and can upload photos and create albums.

Who can edit and/or delete photos and albums?
Currently, only the site administrator can edit and delete photos and albums. Ideally, owners should be able to edit things like the name of photos, but in the current version it is not possible to separate permissions for edit and delete. To prevent accidental deletion of photos or whole albums, I have therefore disabled this for owners. If and when separate edit permission is supported, it will be enabled.