Photos from palm cutting

Michael Aylett has provided some photos of palm trees before and after cutting. Head to Gallery to have a look - direct link:


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Unfortunately, we had a break-in last night (Sept. 11). It was in an apartment upstairs in R3. The thieves climbed up on the outside and the grille gates were NOT LOCKED. The apartment was for rent at the time and one Lady where at home.

So for your own safe: lock all your grill gates, and tell renters to do the same! And have not any valuables and Computers visible from outside.

Rolf, president of R3!

just a brief note should any owners require repair/replacement of window security blinds.                      On our recent visit, we discovered that the front blind would have appeared to have been wound with some force the wrong way causing substantial damage to both the blind itself and the winding mechanism. 

A quick google search found Aspect shutters advertising both repairs and replacement. Despite it being a Saturday, Dean and Ian - both English, arrived within an hour and replaced damaged parts and serviced all other units in our house. Very reasonable rates and outstanding service. Highly recommend to all. 

Aspect can be contacted on 671379788 or 603181569. Email -


Paul & Jane  182 R3