Planned shutdown of this site

Dear all,

When this site was first set up in 2007, it was quite modern and the forum pages was a relatively active part of the site.

In the beginning, it was a small and simple site for R3 only.

With time, more functionality was added and eventually the other Rs were also included.

Since then, the world has moved on to mobile devices like smart phones. The system on which this site is built is just not keeping up anymore. Upgrading it to be completely up-to-date is a complex, manual and very time consuming task.

My solution to this is to shut this site down on January 1, 2020. Then, to build a new modern site with less complexity. Much of the complexity in the current site stems from the fact that it is divided in four parts (for the four Rs). So, to have less complexity, the new site will be for R3 only.

As for site content, the plan is to move some of the "common info" over but not move things like forum posts (it would be a big task and for little value). I will store the old site as an archive but it will not be accessible online.

The new site will be put online sometime in the spring of 2020, hopefully. It all depends on how much of my spare time I can devote to it :-)

Best regards